17 Best VAT Accounting Software in the UAE- FTA Approved

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This is the list of best VAT accounting software in the UAE.

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT a lame “Accounting software with VAT” list.

Yes,  I’ll cover the FTA approved software with VAT for 2o2o.

But you’re also going to see simple and easy VAT accounting software for small businesses that are working right now in UAE.

So if you’re looking to up your VAT  game this year, you’ll love this list.

List of FTA approved VAT compliant accounting software in the UAE

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Our UAE VAT Experts have organized the list of FTA approved VAT accounting software.

FTA is the Federal Tax Authority and its purpose is to regulate and monitor VAT in UAE. Not only that, but FTA has also approved accounting software.

All accounting software in the UAE doesn’t guarantee your VAT compliance. Not only that, but you will also waste your time and money with a complex system. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to ensure that you select simple VAT accounting software.

It’s important that your accounting software must handle VAT returns.

Thankfully, there are a ton of great accounting software out there to help you in VAT.

But choosing the right VAT software to use in Dubai can be challenging. There are so many options available that it can get overwhelming.

And if you choose the wrong VAT accounting system in Dubai, not only will you waste time and money, but your business will suffer.

That’s why here is a list of FTA approved accounting software for VAT in Dubai, UAE.

Software Name/ VersionValidityPrice
Zoho Books – Cloud Based/MILESTONE_ZFUAE_1Till April 2020AED 29 per organisation/month
Sage Business Cloud Accounting/v4.1.6Till October 2020Starting From AED 345 incl VAT per year
FirstBIT Accounting/v2.1.1.9Till August 2020Starting from AED 600
E-VAT UAE/ONETill October 2020AED2000 /Year
Tally.ERP 9/Release 6.4.9Till August 2020Starting from AED 2,340
SYMEX – OneVAT/v1Till October 2020Contact Vendor
Visual Dolphin ERP/v9.11Till October 2020Contact Vendor
Focus8/v9Till August 2020Contact Vendor
ExpressTXR / ExpressVAT/v1.0.1Till October 2020Contact Vendor
Sage 300/v6.6Till October 2020Contact Vendor
Sage Enterprise Management (X3)/V12Till October 2020Contact Vendor
ONESOURCE Indirect Tax/R8.1Till August 2020Contact Vendor
LiveEx/v012-17Till August 2020Contact Vendor
Fortune Next/v6.5Till Jan 2020Contact Vendor
Sun Facets/v2.0Till April 2020Contact Vendor
Xclerate for GCC VAT/v2.3Till October 2020Contact Vendor
R7 VAT/v1.38Till April 2020Contact Vendor

How to choose the best VAT accounting software in UAE?

best vat software

Wrong VAT calculation was a HUGE issue this year. And I expect them to be an even more serious issue in 2020.

In fact, FTA has announced a list of accounting software with VAT in UAE to help small businesses with VAT.

The question is:

What is the best VAT software in UAE, exactly? And how can you select it?

Best VAT accounting software is a computer program that helps you to manage VAT transactions in your business.

That might sound complicated, but it isn’t.

VAT compliant accounting software in the UAE simply handles the accounting process…

and apply VAT accordingly.

By now, you get the point. You need VAT enabled accounting software to track your business activity to ensure that you avoid VAT fine from FTA.

Doing so means implementing the right VAT accounting system. Below, I’m going to share nine of the best ways to select the best VAT accounting software in the UAE. Here we go!

FTA Approved:

Is your accounting software approved by FTA?

Many business owners never think twice about this, but it’s something that could have a major impact on your business.

FTA is the government body known as the Federal Tax Authority. It was created in 2016 to handle federal tax in the UAE.

It is also responsible to check VAT compliance of businesses in UAE and issue VAT fines on those that do not follow VAT laws.

With FTA accredited accounting software, you can quickly manage your VAT. Better yet, you can easily file VAT returns without any error.


In an overall sense, you hope that every business record follows VAT rules.

As it turns out, business owners pay A LOT of attention to cost prices. In fact, many of you will choose the software with less price.
If you’ve spent any time digging through the given list, you know that many software has customized plans.

And it’s no coincidence that you have to contact the vendors and tell them about your business. In fact, they will give you a quoted price for your exact need.

Mobile friendly & Cloud-based

When you choose a mobile-friendly system, you have the opportunity to access all accounting features from anywhere and anytime.

Easy enough, right?

Adding to the usefulness of the tool is the cloud-based accounting. With this, your data is safe and secure.


Every small business is different from another business. Therefore, the accounting system must be easy to modify and customize.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, no two SME is the same.

It’s no secret, the business industry keeps changing. And to keep your finances on track your system should adjust as well.

Ease of Use

It’s safe to assume that your financial activity is diversified. From sales to purchase, from banks transaction to a more traditional approach, there’s a lot to track.

In an overall sense, you hope that every business activity drives positive results.

But, how do you really know if this is happening?

With user-friendly software, you can begin to answer this question. As an easy to use the software, you can easily keep track of all of your most important business data with few clicks.

For example, let’s say you need to file the VAT return with one of the best accounting software with the VAT return.

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